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34,00 € 85,00 €

50s length, bell-shaped dress. Traditional black and white gingham pattern, white collar, cuffs and buttons. Fitted body part, handy side pockets.

37,20 € 62,00 €

Retro-inspired wide-hemmed skirt with wide pleats from the waistband. Knee length. Two large side pockets with triangular pocket flaps.

29,40 € 49,00 €

Vintage-inspired, waist-length cardigan with embroidered fruits on one chest. Round neckline and tieable ribbon trim. Cup buttons on the front.

53,40 € 89,00 €

Vintage-style wide-hemmed dress with a fitted bodice, which you can also wear as an off-shoulder version. Short elastic sleeves. The skirt is knee-length.

95,00 €

Feminine, vintage-style jacket with double-breasted buttons and peplum hem. In the patterns, gray - red checkering.

85,00 €

Long-sleeved, vintage-inspired viscose dress with patterns of pink flowers and green braids on a black base.

89,00 €

Carefree ankle-length viscose dress. Patterns of pink flowers and green pigtails on a blueberry background. Sleeveless body part with elastic panel on the back.

115,00 €

Classic Biker model, material black artificial leather. Metal parts silver colored. The attitude dressing icon is suitable for complementing different outfits.

49,00 €

Hip-length viscose blouse with short puff sleeves and peplum hem. Patterns of pink flowers and green leaves on a blueberry blue background.