ABOUT US is a Finnish online store. Our store Vanity Case is located at the street level of the Tullintori shopping center in Tampere.

In our selection you will find women's clothes, shoes and accessories. Our clothing selection is mainly from Hell Bunny's collection. We have more than 20 years of cooperation with them.

We also take models that complement our outfits from the collections of the brands Collectif, Dolly & Dotty, Lady V and Unique Vintage.

Hot Chocolate Design, a brand from the USA that makes unique, fun and foot-friendly shoes, plays the main role in the shoes. Other brands we sell are Vintro, Chantana, B.A.I.T. and Lola Ramona.

The accessories selections change based on trends and the "whatever nice I found" thinking.

We are also open to new style trends and brands.

Ps. Are you looking for some Hell Bunny article or size you can't from our web store? Feel free to contact us and we'll get it for you, if it's still produced!


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Tullintori shopping center, Tullikatu 6, 33100 Tampere

040 9616894

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Open: mon - fri  from 11am - to 6pm, sat from 11am - to 4pm, sun closed.